Chip Game Concept Art

Chip's Quest begins with a slow-release of a fresh NFT collection of 10,000 randomly generated Chips, comprised of 300 vibrant and colorful hand-drawn traits.

Who is Chip?

Chip is the protagonist, the hero, in a future video game called Chip's Quest.

Chip is a proponent of positive psychology.

Chip's Developer

Why Collect Chips?

Through collecting Chips you will be a funding a wholesome game that may help children cultivate courage, confidence and perseverance. PLUS:

  • Get an awesome, one-of-a-kind avatar you can show off to the world
  • Enjoy Early Bird access to Chip's Quest Alpha & Beta tests
  • Be immortalized in a list of contributers and supporters of Chip's quest online
  • Have an impact on Chip's Quest as it reaches later stages in development

The more Chips are collected, the more will be released.

Chip Game Concept Art

What is Chip's Quest?

Chip's Quest is an indie video game focused on character growth through courage and perserverenace. Gameplay progression is inspired by Angela Duckworth's research on the power of grit.

Chip teaches us the importance of experience, and the courage to try new things. Through his challenges, we learn the value of failure and the lessons it affords. Chip helps us understand that it is ok to be sad and afraid. That it is ok to ask for help. And that it is possible to overcome.

We hope to inspire children to follow Chip's footsteps, develop courage, persevere, and reach their full potential.

When will Chip's Quest Be Released?

The highest value Chip NFTs will determine how fast Chip grows and evolves as he transforms from an artistic concept to an interactive video game everyone can enjoy.

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Chip Quest pixel animation

Thank Yous

Chip NFTs would not have happened without the generosity of wonderful people. Many thanks to:

Like Chip, you can do it too.